2001 Acura Cl Type S

2001 Acura Cl – It has an awesome transmission and headlights that really stunning at high value of elegance. For the model year of Acura Cl 2001, the exterior was changed for the first time. You can find it only available as a tilting cowl with the new hood featured almost like larger grille. Mounted […]

1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Xl

It is a real classy car! 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 has all new concept of car. It required one year to be available on the market for sale legally. It has wider limits than the normal designs. The Ford Galaxie versions are still on a high stage these days. A new fastback starliner hardtop with […]

1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo For Sale

For the generation of 1994 Toyota Supra, it received a new 6-speed Getrag with on the turbo models Toyota V160 gearbox. It was naturally aspirated models made that done with a 5-speed manual W58. It was then revised from the previous version. Each model of the Toyota Supras was offered with manual shifting mode of […]

1974 Dodge Charger For Sale

1974 Dodge Charger – There are only minor changes like new color choices with interior surfaces that softer grain pattern and slightly increased rubber bumper tips size. The performance engine is dropped from 360 to 340. All other engine options remained the same. 3.23 “Sure Grip” rear end ratios are still featured. 440 engine is […]

Best 1969 Dodge Challenger

1969 Dodge Challenger is an American automobile. It has been a very strong muscle car in the first generations of American styled cars. There are different generations of automobiles in American market and Dodge challenger has been taking a high stage on its own. Generally, the Dodge Challenger was produced since 1958 and its generation […]

2007 BMW 335i Reliability

2007 BMW 335i features wonderful car that still going on these days. 4 series, they are sedan, wagon, coupe and convertible that each one is reliable in performance. Silver, black, blue and white are most favorable colors. With MPG up to 21 city, 30 highway, 230 to 300 HP, engine 3.0L 6-cylinder and 178-181″ L […]

2000 HD F150 Spec Engine

2000 HD F150 spec! We are giving you some references related to this Harley Davidson F150 as one trendy truck that rival many others. It is one amazing and elegant design of truck in contemporary use, Durable and heavy heady are merely two of the wonderful features. Design both interior and exterior is for sure […]

Best 1957 Ford Thunderbird

1957 Ford Thunderbird is a classy sedan with a half sliced at the B pillar and welded together. The elegant design of the ride will be just awesome collection. You can see the awkward look of roof and window because moved about three feet forward. It is with rough fashion when it comes to the […]

1988 Toyota Pickup For Sale

1988 Toyota Pickup – It has gained exceptional reputation for reliability and sturdiness during sustained heavy use or even abuse. It has a nickname as The Indestructible Truck. It was reinforced on the BBC motoring show Top Gear. Well, it was when a 1988 diesel Hilux with 305,775 km on the odometer was subjected to abusive […]

1999 Ford F150 Specs

1999 Ford F150 is a truck that has now been over 30 years in production for now. And initially it appeared on the scene with more referred to heavy half ton commonly by the company. It was because the F100 simply also still produced at this time. It took another 24 years before at last […]